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Name of building: Delveright Advisors & Consultants

Submitted by: Andrew Crossett

Type of building: Brick townhouse (2 stories with garrett & cellar)

Business conducted in the building: Adventure consulting

Owner: Genea Delveright

Number and Types of employees:
4 servants:
Rose-Thorn - lady's maid (female sprite; see separate entry)
Elgar - butler/bodyguard (male human, 3rd-level fighter)
Jenny - housekeeper (female human, 0-level)
Echerri Dunst - cook (female human, 0-level)
About 20 agents:
Mainly relatives of Genea and retired adventurers who move about the city trying to drum up business - they don't work in the office, but report in periodically (when they've found a customer).

Description of building:

A luxurious brick townhouse, this building serves as Genea's home as well as office. There is no sign in front; all the city's adventurers are familiar with its location in the Inner Ward. The building has flagstone front steps, an elaborate wrought-iron door, tall windows on both the first and second stories, and a green slate roof with dormer windows for the garret.

There are four spacious rooms on the ground floor - Genea's office, a visitors' parlor (i.e., waiting room), a private parlor, and a private dining room. Attached to the back of the house is a kitchen, which lets off directly into the kitchen garden in back (a high-walled, 20-by-20 foot plot of ground with a small patio).

The second floor has four bedrooms - one used by Genea, one by Rose-Thorn, and two others kept for (rare) overnight guests. The two female servants live in small but cozy rooms in the garret.

The building is known to have magical wards of some sort, but no one seems to know any specifics - there is no record of any thief having successfully penetrated it, or even having been apprehended in the attempt! This has led to rumors of "instant-kill" traps or monsters. The truth of the matter is that anyone not in possession of a ward token whose tries to enter any door, window or other opening into the house between sunset and sunrise will be teleported 1,000 miles in a random direction. The teleport does *not* guarantee a safe arrival; the chances of landing in the middle of the Sea of Swords is roughly 40%, and the teleportee can also find himself deep in the most inhospitable part of the North, or far out in the middle of the Anauroch desert. Few, if any, people who have run afoul of this trap have ever returned to Arylon to tell of it. There are seven ward tokens, carried by Genea, Rose-Thorn, Elgar, Jenny and Echerri; Genea keeps a spare for her trusted guests or associates, and one is in the keeping of the Silver Crescents in case of emergency.

Description of business:

In the Year of the Yellow Rose (1242 DR), Chanson Spulzeer (five-times-great-grandfather of Genea Delveright), seeing no future for himself in the Lands of Intrigue, moved to the Arylon region with his wife, son, and daughter. Chanson took advantage of the recent orc troubles by starting a business outfitting and supplying professional adventurers and adventuring companies. He changed his family's name to Delveright, partly as a marketing gimmick (the reference being to the "dungeon-delving" practiced by many of his customers), and partly to avoid the attention of the Spulzeer family's rivals.

It was Chanson's son, Carolus, who devised the idea of supplying adventurers not by selling them merchandise, but by providing them with trustworthy information on where to get the best equipment in Arylon, as well as lodging, food and drink, entertainment, healing, magical aid, and sages to consult. In this way, the Delverights divested themselves of all the overhead expenses that go along with maintaining an inventory, and accumulated a fortune in commissions and kickbacks from the establishments they directed their customers to.

The family built a reputation as the finest consulting and procuring company in the region, and they used their wealth to build a large and luxurious estate outside of town. Delveright Manor can be found by traveling two miles beyond the outermost farm of the region known as "Arylon's Tail"; it is well protected from monsters, bandits, and family enemies by a formidable contingent of loyal men-at-arms.

Like most wealthy Amnian families living abroad, the Delverights have always adhered to their image as aristocratic brahmins patiently enduring life "in the colonies". All the children of the main branch of the family have been sent to school in Amn, and most of them marry into good Amnian families.

Delveright Advisors & Consultants (or just "The Delverights", as most locals call it) is a business that caters to the needs of professional adventurers in the Arylon area.

In addition to Genea, there are about 20 "agents" of the company (many of them cousins or "shirttail relatives" of Genea) who go quietly about the city, consulting with existing customers and recruiting new ones. Customers can include professional adventurers of any race, class, or level. Both residents of the city and visitors can avail themselves of the Delverights' service. The only restriction is that Genea (unlike previous heads of the family) chooses not to do business with evil characters.

The Delverights perform the following services:
  • Sale of accurate maps of Arylon and the surrounding area, including trail maps (but not "treasure maps" or maps of dungeons).
  • Sale of copies of the Code Civil of Arylon, and other statutes regarding taxation, residency, etc.
  • Procuring of equipment and services. The company can direct adventurers to the places in town where they can buy the best possible equipment and services within their price range. Clients will be directed away from traders who are known to be dishonest or incompetent. In the case of very unusual goods or services which can't be found in Arylon, the Delverights almost always know where such can be found, and can direct their clients there (or actually bring it to the clients, which will take time and a lot of money).
  • Brokering magical services. If a character or party needs a specific spell cast, or access to a certain magical item, the Delverights will point them to the trustworthy wizard or priest who can meet their needs, if such exists within the city or its environs.
  • Advice on the best places to find food, drink, lodging, stabling, and companionship of the opposite sex within Arylon.
  • Notarization of adventuring charters, commissions, wills, loot-splitting agreements, tontines, and other documents common among adventurers.

While Genea and her agents do business all over the city, actual transactions all take place at the main office. All clients must have a personal meeting with Genea (during which Rose-Thorn the sprite - lurking nearby invisibly - will determine whether the potential client has evil intent or not).

The Delverights charge anywhere from 1 gp (for a city map or copy of the laws) to 10 gp (for a simple consultation) to many thousands of gold pieces for procuring hard-to-find items. Most of the company's income derives from the commissions they get from the merchants of the city in return for directing business their way.

The Delveright business has always had a reputation for not misleading or misdirecting customers, and for adhering to deals. Genea, however, is the first of her family not to abide by the old Amnian philosophy of "a demon's coin spends the same as an angel's." She won't deal with evil people or those who mean harm to the city, and she has discontinued the former Delveright practice of using gangs of thugs to collect debts. She conducts her business with a sense of civic responsibility that has made her quite popular with the townspeople at large.

One of Genea's greatest tasks as head of the family business has been repairing the relationship between the Delverights and the Council of Arylon. The amorality, arrogance, and greed of her ancestors resulted in their being viewed by the authorities with irritation, often spilling into outright hostility; many times, it was only the Delverights' undeniable value to the economy of Arylon that saved them from being driven out of the city entirely. Genea, by contrast, has been unfailing and sincere in her determination to be a good citizen. She has refused to do business with evil persons or parties; she has donated great sums of money to local charities; and she has halted her family's previous tendencies to try the patience of the authorities. While individual members of the Council may vary in their opinions of Genea personally, her relationship with the Council as a whole is far better than that of her predecessors.

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