Name: Davin mac Tirnol

Submitted by: Mark Oliva

Race: Shield Dwarf, 331 yrs, 4' 3", 190 lbs.
Sex: Male
Level: 0
Class: none (dwarven master smith per FR11)
Alignment: LG
Strength: 17
Constitution: 16
Dexterity: 12
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 4
Profession: Smith
Wealth: (Shared with brother Rugh) estimated at nearly 30,000 gps
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common Reading and writing: Dethek, common
Special abilities: According to FR11, dwarven master smiths are NPCs only and have no other character class. Davin mac Tirnol has the ability of magical forging explained in FR11, a proficiency that is not determined by dice rolls or a rules system but rather as a matter of DM judgment.


Davin is a stocky, very muscular dwarf with thick, curly red-brown hair and full beard. He's short on patience and usually shorter on words, uninterested in Arylon's social life and devoted totally to his work as a master smith. Davin spe- cializes in the crafting of fine metal wares and can forge weapons of the highest quality. He runs the Tuir's Anvil Hammer- smith in Arylon and, with his brother Rugh, is one of two master smiths in the shop who can maintain the mill-driven hammers as well as the other smith's equipment. Davin does not occupy himself with normal blacksmith's work but instead devotes himself only to custom contracts and the forging of fine weapons. His works are few, being highly expensive masterpieces that sometimes incorporate rune magic (see FR 11 Dwarves Deep). Because of his high degree of skill and specialization, Davin does not compete to any serious degree with the dwarves of Moradin's Forge. The great hammer of Tuir's Anvil is Davin's pride and joy, although he seldom uses it himself. Davin specializes in fine craftsman- ship and prefers to use hammers he can steer precisely with his own hands and muscles. Davin is obsessed with his craft and usually can be found working at his anvil from the early morning until late at night. He, also, is a devout worshipper of Moradin.


Davin was born in the Year of the Spreading Spring (1038 DR) in the City of Earthfast, the dwarven stronghold within the Earthfast Mountains of western Impiltur. He and his brother Rugh left the Earthfasts in the Year of the Sword and Stars (1332 DR) and began migrating westward over Sembia, Cormyr and Sunset Vale, working as traveling smiths, until they reached Arylon and bought property downstream from the sawmill to begin building their ham- mersmith in the Year of the Moonfall (1344 DR). Neither Davin nor Rugh have ever explained why they left Earthfast City, outside of a few comments Rugh has made about differences of opinion among the sons of Tirnol.

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