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Name of building: Dareth’s Harps

Submitted by: Jenn Millington <>

Type of building: two-story wooden building

Business conducted: making and repairing musical instruments, bardic training

Owner: Jhassandra Windsong

Number and Types of employees:

Description: of building:

Dareth’s Harps is a two story building constructed entirely out of wood. The first floor is occupied by a workshop in back and a display area in front. The workshop is sectioned off by a curtain across the doorway into the back. The second floor holds living quarters for Jhassandra and Aerial.

Description of business:

Dareth’s Harps has been in Arylon for over forty years. Jhassandra is a skilled crafter and also spent many years training on various musical instruments. She sells all musical instruments at +10% of the cost in the Complete Bard’s Handbook due to the workmanship. Aerial is skilled in making percussion instruments and can make other instruments. However, Jhassandra sells these instruments at -20% of the cost in the Complete Bard’ s Handbook, since many people do not want to buy an instrument made by an apprentice.

Dareth’s Harps also offers singing lessons. The cost of these lessons is developed individually, based on how many lessons the person wants and his or her financial situation. Jhassandra has been known to train aspiring young bards in exchange for household cleaning. Now that Aerial is nearly 12 years old, Jhassandra lets her run the shop while Jhassandra is in the workshop. Jhassandra will always remain in the store while it is open. If Aerial needs assistance dealing with a client she need only call Jhassandra.

Aerial (hf, apprentice bard, CG)


languages: common, musical instrument: harp, craft instrument: percussion, singing


Aerial is a foundling that Jhassandra discovered on the streets of Berdusk in 1361, when Aerial was only 2 years old. Jhassandra was unable to discover who Aerial's parents were and took the child back to Arylon. Jhassandra has raised Aerial since that time and trained her in the arts of making musical instruments.

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