Name: Dalyn Trueheart (elf male, 0-level, N. Wood carver and owner of Wood and What Knots)

Submitted by: Craig Baxter

Dalyn was born to a minor noble family. He fell into slight disgrace, when he decided to raise his family on the mainland instead of moving to Evermeet. Since his home was already established in Arylon, he wanted to stay and continue his work there.

Dalyn is a typical moon elf. He stands 5' 4" with blue-black hair and his eyes are green with sparkling gold flecks.

He has the acute business sense of his father, but his artistic eye was passed to him by his mother. Dalyn rarely mentions his parents. He has never relied on them for anything in his life. They are presumed to be living on Evermeet. While courting his wife Sarona (ef, N, C1 of Chauntea), he made several small carvings and discovered he had an affinity for working with wood. The wood seemed to tell him what to carve, and he has spent many years perfecting his trade. Outside his family, his carving is the only thing that gives him great pleasure. He is a very quiet man, for an elf. Dalyn doesn't feel the need to explain himself to anyone and speaks only when necessary. He never repeats gossip or an untruth.

Dalyn and Sarona have been unusually blessed in the fact that they have seven children. They cannot tell you how they have managed such a brood, but just live to enjoy the harmony they have as a family unit. The two oldest sons, Bonn and Gall, are apprenticing in the shop with him since they have shown interest in that direction. The two youngest sons have shown an interest in music and are currently looking for positions with a bard or minstrel. The oldest daughter is studying herbalism and helps Sarona with the two youngest girls.

The children are, in order: Bonn (m 49 years old), Gall (m 47 years old), Durriel (f 42 years old), Liam (m 38 years old), Tether (m 26 years old), Alice (f 1 year old twin of Alicia), and Alicia (f 1 year old twin of Alice).

The Truehearts have a small farm between Arylon and the forest. Dalyn's greatest wood carvings can be found there.

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