Name: Daelydia (hf, NG, 7th lvl Dawnmaster of Lathander, House of Dawn)

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Daelydia comes from Calimshan. She has a rich dark skin tone and black hair. In her robes of Lathander, she makes a very striking figure. She is very athletic and works out at The Balanced Sword (by Jade Williams, where she has become friendly with Chalice, (by Jade Williams, the owner. Under Morninglord Geena, Daelydia does most of the day to day activities of the House of Dawn. Daelydia will likely become high priestess upon Geena's death but most refuse to believe Geena will die or never speak of it.

Following her father's example, Daelydia came to the Lathanderian faith in her homeland. There, in Calimshan, she met and joined an adventuring group. Two weeks outside of Arylon, as they were heading toward Cormyr, the band was attack by a group of trolls. One of Daelydia's oldest and closest friends was killed. When she arrived in Arylon, she discovered the House of Dawn temple needed new clergy and realized that adventuring was not a life she felt she could live anymore. She had lost too many friends and could not stand the thought of watching more friends fall. She petitioned to join the temple, wanting to leave her past behind and make a new start to her life.

Having an instinctive business manner and a natural understanding of how to run the temple, she found herself seeing to the finances of the temple and she loved it. She was able to pursue something that came easy to her and serve her god. She understands Geena's desires and helps her in any way she can. Though she would enjoy becoming the high priest of the House of Dawn, she worries that she will never be the priestess Geena is and would rather not think about the future that much. To take her mind off these matters, she has made use of skills learned during her adventuring life. She helped end the goblin raids on the northernmost farms and solved the murder of a tax collector in Dockward.

Daelydia's father was a minor priest of Lathander in Calimshan. He wanted a traditional life for her but she believed her life was to go out into the world to discover new outlooks on life. When she pointed this out to her father, of course, he saw it as wasting her talent and life without reason. They separated and later she learned of his death. It was after her last original companion was killed that she began to question if she had done the right thing. Though she is now settled in Arylon, she is unable to put her wandering spirit behind her.

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