Name: Da (Shield Dwarf, Female, 27 yrs, 3' 5", 110 lbs., 0 Level, barmaid, NG.)

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Attributes: Str 7; Dex 8; Con 11; Cha 17; Int 8; Wis 7
HP: 2
Wealth: 240gps
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common


Da is a barmaid at the Pick Axe Inn. She is an orphan but found a home in the Dwarven Quarter through the efforts of the Law Wielder brothers. She works at the Pick Axe to make some extra gold until she gets married.

Da is happy with her job, though it doesn't pay well, but she does get to meet people. Her foster parents, Bofur and Balana Bakemeister have recently started searching for a husband for her, in the 'true Dwarven fashion' of arranged marriages. (Her adopted parents run a local bakery catering to Dwarven styles of baked grain products. They are not of high social stature (not exceptionally wealthy) but are happy and own their shop.) Although, Da's plans are to marry the person they pick, she hopes to 'explore' her options beforehand. She will often be outgoing to the customers, especially those that look as if they might fit that category. She will often 'stay at a friends' overnight, while she is in a room upstairs. This is something she does for herself, not for money. She simply likes the activity.


Da is very attractive, especially for a Dwarf. She has soft gold hair and bright blue eyes.

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