Contributors to the Arylon Project

The life blood of the Arylon Project was the submissions sent in by members of the Forgotten Realms and Forgotten Realms Projects Lists. Those submissions were edited, often multiple times, voted on and then posted back to the lists in their finalized form. The editing process could be grueling for both the author and editor. Besides grammar and spelling edits, there were issues of continuity, power levels and rules consistency to consider. The process could take anywhere from a couple of months to an entire year. Here are the names of the many contributors to the project. Click on the links to see a list of their subs.

  1. Vijay Barreto
  2. Craig Baxter
  3. Linda Baxter
  4. Boa
  5. Scott Bonner
  6. Jeff Bray
  7. Shane Bryan
  8. Justin Chupp
  9. Andrew Crossett
  10. Terry Doetzel
  11. Erskine Fincher
  12. Ron Fountain
  13. David Fulton
  14. RJ Gouger
  15. Janessa Hall
  16. Tim Haney
  17. Hawk
  18. Frank Huebner
  19. Blake Ladenburger
  20. Sham Lukin
  21. Hugo Lynch
  22. Jenn Millington
  23. Jim Millington
  24. Kimberly Moser
  25. Koby Nachamias
  26. Oli Kari Olason
  27. Mark Oliva
  28. Landy Owen
  29. Scott Paffenroth
  30. Eric Poling
  31. Heiko Ramirez
  32. J Dave Ramsey
  33. Craig Sefton
  34. CR Simmons
  35. Hargrid Tenslayer
  36. Darin Terwilliger
  37. Brian Vilarino
  38. Jade Williams
  39. Christof Wuttke

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