Name of business: The Chopping Block

Submitted by:

Business conducted in the building: Butcher Shop

Owner: Delerl

Number and Types of employees: Butcher

Description of business:

The Chopping Block sells a variety of fresh meat products from steaks and stews to organs and soup bones as well as salted and smoked meats. The shop consists of a single room with the day's offerings hanging from meat hooks around the walls, or shelves and jars, depending on the product in question. There is a butchers table with tools along one wall where the meats are carved.

The day's supply arrives in the morning, primarily as tubs of various organ meats, or large slabs of beef or pork as well as poultry or the occasional fish. Delerl then sets about preparing the various cuts of meat his customers tend to use the most from the meats available. By the end of the day, any meats left over are taken to the smoke house or are salted to be preserved and sold later, usually for those who will be away from civilization for a while.

Prices for preserved meats range from 1gp/ pound to 2gp/ pound Fresh meats range from 5sp-15sp/pound of meat cuts, 2sp-5sp/ pound for stews and soup stock, 6sp-8sp/ pound for a fish, and 1gp-2gp/pound for poultry. Price varies depending on the quantities available and the type of meats offered for the day.


Name: Delerl (Shield Dwarf, Male, Age 120, 4'10", 170lbs., 5, Fighter/Butcher, NG)

Stats: Str: 16; Dex: 13; Con: 16; Cha: 10; Int: 10; Wis: 11;
HP: 43
Wealth: 1800gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Cooking, Endurance, Running
Weapon Proficiencies: Heavy Crossbow, Battle Axe, Short Sword, Dagger, Flail


This one-handed butcher has grey eyes and dark brown hair. Once he was a member of the standing army of the Great Rift valley. The army had many skirmishes with orcs over time, and it was one of these that led to the loss of his hand. After having seen enough killing and blood-shed, Delerl decided to move to a new dwarven settlement up Waterdeep way, named Arylon. Having arrived in Arylon and quickly finding the devastated Dwarven Quarter, he decided he could turn his skill with blades to the work of butchery. Since most of the Quarter had been destroyed, he rented a shop which he has kept since. Delerl marches in the warriors parade, and will grudgingly re-tell most of his stories, though some leave him with a haunted look in his eyes, others, he won't share. The residents know him, and respect his privacy in these matters. In all other respects he is a personable Dwarf who finds his greatest enjoyment in life is serving the community.

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