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Name of Building: The Cat's Eye

Building Submission by: Kimberly Moser

Type of Building: A two-story Stone and wood structure.

Business Conducted: Jeweler and Gemcutting

Owner: Shandaria Mistmere

Number and Type of Employees:

Three Apprentices (all 0-level)
- Marisha
- Tarence
- Elise
One Metalworker (2nd level thief)
- Marci Ingram
One Gemcutter (4th level thief)
- Antoin 'Nimblefingers' Jasdac

Description of Building:

The Cat's Eye is located on a cul-de-sac in Field Ward. The building is older; the foundation is constructed of grey stone and the first and second floors are wood. The dimensions are 20' by 50'. The short sides face the main road and back alley. The front of the building has a large display window and a brassbound oak door. The lock is of exceptional quality and is -20% to a thief's open locks score, and the window is protected by a glassteel spell.

The front area of the store is 20' by 30'. This contains the display cases and sales counter. The back portion of the lower floor contains a stairwell to the second floor, a workroom and the back entrance. The workroom has two gem cutting tables with various tools and magnifiers. It also has a small smelter for melting the precious metals required for jewelry crafting. Molds and blocks of wax take up an entire shelf system.

The second floor contains the living areas for the apprentices and Antoin. Marci has quarters elsewhere within the city. Antoin has a private study and bedchamber. The second bedchamber is split with a thin wooden partition for propriety's sake. Marisha and Elise sleep in bunkbeds and Tarence has a small cot. The stairs surface in the joint sitting room. (A map is available for this structure.)

Description of Business:

The Cat's Eye is a gem and jewelry shop. The shop has very little local business and it is usually from adventurers seeking appraisals or the wealthy wanting special orders. Most business is afforded by the Arylon office of the Black Cat Trading Coster. Raw gems arrive from merchants and are sent to the Cat's Eye for cutting and polishing. After the work is finished, the gems are packaged and returned to the Coster where they are sent to buyers.

The cost of items varies with the availability of materials. The shop keeps a number of lesser-valued items in stock for the display and sales area. These cheaper items are prominently displayed in the more accessible areas of the store to deter theft of the better pieces. Most of the common work is performed by the apprentices. Copper bracelets, earbobs and rings are commonplace items. These items sell from anywhere between 3 copper to 2 silver, depending on quality. Silver is also a fairly common jewelry material, however the silver items are usually adorned with gems or are intricately designed. The silver jewelry ranges in price from 3 silver to 50 gold, depending on quality. Electrum jewelry is less in demand but one or two pieces can be found here at any one time. The electrum pieces range widely from 6 silver to more than 100 gold, depending on quality.

Jewelry made from the more precious metals (gold, platinum or mithril)are taken as special orders only. The price on special orders varies even more than the electrum. These pieces go from 25 gold and up. So far, the most expensive order has been a commissioned set of matching jewelry constructed of platinum and sapphires. This order was an engagement set that included a necklace and pendant, matching earbobs, two rings and a hair clip. It sold for 7300 gold pieces. The purchaser was the youngest son of the noble house Adarbrent from Waterdeep. His name is Gregor and he lives on a small estate east of Arylon. He purchased the items for his fiancee, Lady Alicia Merrowstar.

In addition to jewelry, the shop also has a constant collection of common gemstones. (10 to 50 gp base value.) Some examples of the loose stones are: azurite, Crown of Silver, lapis lazuli, malachite, tiger eye, turquoise, jasper, onyx, carnelian etc.... Fancy and precious stones are the most common stones shipped for professional work through the Black Cat Trading Coster. Every so often a gemstone, jewel, hard stone or shell is included within the shipment. Shandaria tends to the rarer stones and requests herself.

A side business, which brings in moderate funds, is the selling of gem dusts, gems and prisms to mages for spell components. The apprentices make common copper jewelry and practice gemcutting on ornamental stones. Marci specializes in crafting settings from precious metals and is a mediocre gemcutter. Antoin is the main gemcutter for the shop. His skill usually adds 10% or more to the stones he crafts. Marci and Antoin also hire for appraisals. Their fee ranges from 5 to 20 percent of an items value.

Major NPC's:

Shandaria Mistmere

Shandaria owns the Cats Eye. She is rarely found here. She handles the more difficult orders and special requests herself. (Shandaria is detailed in a separate submission.)

Antoin 'Nimblefingers' Jasdac (hm, NG, 4th lvl T) main NWP's: Gemcutting, Appraising, Reading Lips and Forgery

Antoin is one of the original "Skulks", he is now 42 years old. He is a fourth level thief and retired after a second-story job went awry. Antoin fell and crippled his left leg. He needs a cane to walk and in wet weather he can barely get around. Antoin has salt and pepper hair, green eyes and a ready smile. Shandaria specially trained him following his accident. He is now the day to day manager of the Cat's Eye and has been in charge of the shop since 1351DR. Antoin trains all apprentices in gemcutting and appraising. He is also one of Shandaria's favorite agents. He keeps his eyes and ears open for potential problems. These problems usually come in the form of overzealous adventurers or bored nobility. Adventurers and nobility tend to speak openly in front of shopkeepers and Antoin takes full advantage of this tendency.

Marci Ingram (hf, CG, 2nd lvl T) main NWP's: metalworking, dancing, etiquette, appraising and gemcutting

Marci is also a member of the "Skulks". She joined shortly after ending her apprenticeship at the Cat's Eye. Marci leads a double-life. During the day she is a skilled metalworker for the jewelry shop. By night, she plays an empty headed courtesan to nobility and adventurers at the various fest halls and taverns in the city.

Marci is eighteen years old, has honey-blond hair, brimming blue eyes and an ample bosom. She is one of Shandaria's more "active" informants. Marci has very loose morals and pursues her prey deep into their bedchambers.

Marisha, Tarence and Elise:

Marisha, Tarence and Elise are orphans from the Arylon Orphanage. Shandaria has arranged their apprenticeships with Kethryllia. Marisha is the eldest, 15. Tarence and Elise are 14 and 12, respectively. Marisha has been serving in the Cat's Eye for two years and is almost through her apprenticeship. Tarence and Elise are just beginning their apprenticeship. Elise is the only one of the three with the necessary abilities to become a thief. Only time and practice will decide her fate.

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