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Name of building: Broda Freight Hauling

Submitted by: CR Simmons <>

Type of building: 2-story wood and stone structure

Business conducted: freight transportation

Owner: Thalian Broda

Number and Types of Employees:

  • 25 -30 Wagon Drivers (all races, 0-lvl)
  • 80-100 Porters (all races, 0-lvl)
  • 2 Clerks (hf, 0-lvl)
  • 1 Accountant (gm, 0-lvl)
  • 4 Night Watchmen (hm, f2)

Description of building:

Broda Freight Hauling occupies a two-story building in the Dock Ward near the center of the docks. The first floor is stone while the second is wooden. The front door faces the docks and a large wagon is painted on the second floor wall with the words "Broda Freight Hauling" surrounding the picture. On the first floor is the outer office. A long counter is the first thing one sees as one enters the office. Behind the counter, two clerks greet customers and take their transportation orders. A door to the side of the counter leads to three offices, one each for Broda, his accountant, and records storage.

The second floor holds Broda's private apartments. He has a parlor at the top of the stairs, a bedroom, a kitchen and a privy. He has a unique guardian for his home; he owns a powerful 4" magical statue of a dog that, when placed on display, creates an invisible guardian which works exactly as Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound. When placed in its display case, the hound is dispelled. For personal protection, Broda carries a ring of teleportation targeted specifically on the city's keep. Only Broda and the mage who made the ring know its destination.

Behind the building is the wagon yard and stables. An 8' wooden fence surrounds the yard. A wooden awning connected to the building projects over benches where wagon drivers and porters stay until a job is available.

Description of business:

Shippers or buyers enter the office and tell the clerks their requirements for transportation. Usually a few days notice is required due to the heavy flow of goods through the docks, but sometimes an immediate job can be filled. The clerks take down all required information, such as the ship's name, when it is expected, the exact number and type of goods to be transported, and where to deliver the goods.

Independent runners keep the company informed of which ships and barges are arriving at the docks. The first one with the news gets a copper thumb upon confirmation. The clerks dispatch the necessary wagons and porters to the dock where the ship unloads its cargo.

The ship's Captain checks the customer's name and the requested goods against his manifest. If everything checks out, he makes a record of goods given to the freight haulers and leads them to the freight. The porters load the goods onto the wagons. The wagons carry the goods wherever the customer wants them delivered, and the porters unload the cargo. The agreed-upon payment is given to the head porter, usually in the form of a note drawn on a banking house. The wagons and porters pick up any cargo bound for the docks in the area or return to the 'shop'. There they turn in the payment to the clerks, who log it.

At the end of the day, the porters and wagon drivers are paid according to how many runs they made. Just before closing, the four night watchmen arrive to ensure that no one breaks into the building or harms the horses or wagons. A squad of Crescents patrolling the area commonly escorts Broda to one of the banking houses. There, Broda deposits the notes and gold pieces collected during the day. Of course, the Crescent patrol is given a small 'gratuity' for the kindness.

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