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Name of building: Belle's Flying Needle

Submitted by: Linda Baxter

Type of building: Small, two-story home of weathered wood

Business conducted: Tailor/Seamstress

Owner: Belle Ewynlinne

Number and types of employees:

2 Seamstresses
Lissa Ewynlinne ( hf; 0-level; NG; age 16 )
Rosa Ewynlinne ( hf, 0-level; CG; age 15 )
3 Apprentices
Lillia, Nadine, Maude ( all hf; 0-level )

Description of building:

The first floor of this building was once used as living space for the family, but has been converted into the business establishment. The reception area was the parlor, and the general workroom used to be a study. The rest of this level is taken up by fitting rooms, the kitchen and storage areas. The family's private rooms are located on the second floor.

Description of business:

Belle's Flying Needle is a tailoring business. Belle, her 2 daughters, and 3 apprentices work at making mundane garments such as robes, cloaks, and capes. They also will repair garments if there is enough left to repair. Belle will tailor garments brought to them as well, and takes commissions on new garments.

Her general shop prices are as follows:

5% to 25% of the cost of the garment as listed in the PHB. ( Price depends on the damage to be repaired. )
15% of the cost of the garment as listed in the PHB. ( 25% if the garment is beaded or heavily embroidered. )
New garment commissions
95% of the price for the garment as shown in the PHB. However, if Belle must procure the materials the cost increases by 10% to 15%. Beading or heavy embroidery work will also increase the cost by about 15%.
5% to 15% of the original cost of the garment.

You may purchase premade mundane items at Belle's for approximately 75% of the cost in the PHB. These are the items the apprentices learn the trade with. Never fear though, because Belle will never sell or charge for any service that does not meet her very strict standards.

She and her daughters have been known to patch and repair clothing for many of the less fortunate of Arylon. However, they do not let this interfere with normal business.

Name: Belle Ewynlinne ( hf; 0-level; CG; Master Seamstress )

Submitted by: Linda Baxter


Belle is a frail-looking older widow. Her husband brought her to Arylon as a young bride where they were blessed by three children before an unfortunate accident in the stone quarry took him from her. Belle has a son who is working as a caravan guard and two daughters who work with her in the shop.

Belle's aunt, a renown seamstress in Zazesspar, taught her all the tricks of the trade. Belle learned her craft by sitting at her aunt's knee for hours on end. Belle and her daughters manage to make enough to live comfortably but it seems like there is never any left over for the luxuries. She worries about finding suitable husbands for the girls and prays that the home her husband built for them will hold together. Her son tries to do what repairs he can, whenever he is home.

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