Beldin Hawkler, (hm, 0 lvl, TN)

Profession: Shop Owner, The Antique Boutique

Submitted by: Ron Fountain <>


Beldin is a tall man, 6'3", who has long white hair, balding on top, and often wears gold colored robes. He is 63 winters old, good to his customers, and enjoys chatting over a good cup of tea. Beldin owns a shop of antiques, "odds and ends", and things of that nature. One can also find books on a wide range of topics in his small library.

Beldin is the eldest of a wealthy family, having two sisters and a brother. Beldin's father was an aristocrat who served a higher noble's political party. Beldin found his love in education and later pursued the sciences. Beldin left home at age 16 to study ancient languages, and traveled to a distant city to study with a Sage (Lorydd Mozraad); in this time, Beldin learned to decipher runes and dialects from ages past. Beldin remained a student for several years before leaving to offer his services to kings, nobles and those who had ancient parchments to be deciphered. Beldin later grew tired of trying to make a living as a sage, so he decided to open up a shop of antiques, books, and other interesting pieces.

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