Submitted by: Vijay Barreto

Name: Artesto Draconiano (hm, 7th lvl P(Waukeen), N)
Str 12; Dex 17; Con 13; Int 15; Wis 18; Chr 14
AC -5; HP 45

Relevant Non-weapon Proficiencies: Gem Cutting; Religion Faerunian; Appraising; Mining; Etiquette; Reading / Writing; Ancient Languages: Thorass.

Magical Items: MANY (Most commonly worn: Ring of Protection +4 AC, +2 S.T.; Luckstone; Girdle of Many Pouches; Ring of Regeneration; Bracers of Defense AC 2)


Artesto is a middle-aged human male, with short black hair and gray side burns, and steel gray eyes. He stands a few hairs short of six feet, and always wears elegant, expensive, somber clothing. He is lean and is often seen taking long walks in the early morning, before he goes to the City Hall or to his warehouses to conduct his personal business affairs.


Artesto was born in Athkatla (Amn) in 1328 DR to wealthy merchant parents. He was the third son and had no chance of inheriting his father's business. At thirteen he was enrolled at Goldspires, Temple of Waukeen and began studying commerce, economics and religion (in that order). He was intelligent and quickly rose through the church ranks. In addition, he made a small fortune by his 21st season. The extravagant parties and orgies he threw made him famous in that city of debauchery and excess. He was envied by many; plots to destroy his growing mercantile empire were made behind closed doors.

Unknown to him, his greatest foe at the time was his eldest brother Tiberius Draconiano. Tiberius, along with two ambitious priests of the Church of Waukeen, Morag Denthar and Gelfus Merisy, developed a devious plan to bring about the fall of Artesto. In 1354 DR Tiberius came to Artesto asking for a huge loan to buy a rich copper mine. Artesto used some of his personal fortune and some of the Church's coffers to finance the venture. His brother Tiberius fled with the money and left behind huge debts and the family business bankrupt. Artesto's luck had run out. He lost thousands of roldons (pp) of the Church's coffers with this one bad investment, and he had to pay the many loans his brother had taken. Morag Denthar and Gelfus Merisy immediately started destroying Artesto's reputation amongst the Church's high ranking officials and rumors were spread of his involvement in the fraud.

Luckily, the High Priestess of the Goldspires did not believe he was guilty of the crimes of which he was accused, but was required to punish him. He was banished from the city that he loved, and sent him to increase the power base of Waukeen in the fledgling city of Arylon. He was devastated by this command. He was to build a new temple in a small, barbaric, northern town and never return to Athkatla. Arylon was chosen because Amnians always considered it as part of their empire. The High Priestess was also aware of the rich mines, stone quarries, lumber, and the Chionthar River present in Arylon as potential sources of great wealth for the Church, if tapped by the right person. Artesto was an excellent choice, even though he was not happy with the prospect.

Upon arrival, he created a small trading company called The Golden Coin. The Golden Coin was hugely successful. With the profits he made, he planned to build the temple.

More hardship hit Artesto with the Time of Troubles. The disappearance of Waukeen caused a terrible personal crisis. He put aside his excesses and assumed a more dignified and austere personality. He used his considerable wealth accrued to purchase magical items of power to compensate for his loss of spells. He also hired many bodyguards. Artesto retained his excellent administrative skills and his trading company flourished. He also invested heavily in the mining and quarrying operations in the city.

As the Golden Coin enjoyed renown, so did Artesto. His influence within Arylon grew, and was soon believed to be richest man in the city. The City Council wisely believed it would be better to have such a resourceful businessman working with the Council than against them, and offered him a job on the City Council as City Administrator. He has slowly grown to appreciate the quaint frontier town of Arylon as he calls it, and has decided to become a full citizen with his acceptance to the City Council.

Recently, he began receiving spells from Lliira, but is still faithful to Waukeen, and prays for her return to the Torilian Pantheon. He has agents looking for his estranged brother, but has ordered them not to harm him if they locate him. He wants to confront his brother personally, if given the opportunity.

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