Arlv Moonson (0-level human)

Submission by (Darin Terwilliger)

Arlv grew up on a farm and since reaching the age of fourteen, he has wanted to become an adventuring fighter. His parents feared he would end up like his uncle, an adventurer and drunkard, and forbade any talk of adventuring. Defying his parents, Arlv took his clothes and his wooden sword and journeyed to Arylon. He has worked as a bodyguard and is now an initiate in training with the Silver Crescents. He still longs to become an adventurer and is looking for companions. Arlv has recently become very dedicated to the god Torm and visits the Shrine of Torm often. He usually can be found around the shrine and attempts to model himself after the holy warriors of the shrine. He dreams of one day joining the order and becoming a warrior for Torm himself.

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