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Name of building: The Antique Boutique

Submitted by: Ron Fountain <>

Type of building: 2 story wooden, with attic.

Business conducted: Sales of antiques/books/tea

Owner: Beldin Hawkler

Number and Types of employees: No employees

Description of building:

Beldin's shop is designed for anyone who is after interesting and original antiques and collectibles. Also, the shop doubles as a small library/tea shop. Often, regulars and travelers mingle in the meeting room to discuss topics from sore backs to battles and wars fought long ago. The shop is decorated with art and some of Beldin's favorite pieces of pottery. The shop is usually a little dark, as Beldin finds it relaxing and more enjoyable to read without the sun shining into his eyes. The outside of the shop is maintained, and the wood is all original. In fact, the shop is a historical "time piece" of Arylon.

The ground floor is devoted to the shop. The largest room is the library, which is decorated with rare and mysterious collectibles and pieces of art. There are chairs for eight people to sit and read to their hearts' content. There are two smaller rooms on the other side of the library. One serves as an art room, filled with art created by elves, dwarves, humans and even some whose origin is unknown. The other room serves as a small cafe. This is where Beldin serves his famous tea, along with delicious biscuits. The upstairs is the living quarters for Beldin, where he has a room for himself and also a spare bedroom for a passing traveler or old friend.

Description of business:

The Antique Boutique is primarily for the sale of antiques and books, which range in size, color, and topic. Beldin also sells his famed "Sage's" Tea, which is supposed to help you "think". The prices are high, but the quality of his wares is outstanding.

The books, parchments, scrolls, and manuscripts cover almost any topic or nature. Some of the books are written by Beldin himself on different cultures, writing styles, and artists old and new. Many of the books in his library are hard to find, written in diverse languages for many audiences. Examples of such books are gnomish recipe books, diaries of long dead knights and their battles, and diaries of mages who discovered a new spell or otherwise documented their successes or failures.

The more expensive items are the artifacts and art pieces, such as mantle pieces, weapons, jewelry worn by nobles, paintings, religious relics, and so forth. The most expensive item, for instance, is a suit of armor worn by a knight, renowned for his prowess in the Fields of the Dead, who died by choking on his dinner one day! Other items are carvings, statues, and wood crafts made from a secretive village of wood elves, location unknown.

The tea room has much to offer as well. Beldin sells a lot of his famous Sage's tea. He also has a wide variety of teas from around the land. Many are imported, supporting the store's theme of cultural diversity. One can find a tea that will satisfy any palate. Beldin also sells biscuits, bread, and even fruit.

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