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Alvareze Silvershadow (hm NE T6/C3, merchant and owner of Exotic Wine and Wares)

Str 10, Dex 17 Con 10, Int 11, Wis 16, Cha 16(18 with ring)

Submitted by: Darin Terwilliger <>

Magic items: Hat of Disguise, Ring of Human Influence


Alvareze Silvershadow is 5'-8" and 130 lbs. He has green eyes and silver hair. Some say he appears half-elven, but is fully human. He is well tanned, and has boyish good looks. He appears about 30, but is 48 years old. He dresses in exotic clothes and likes flashy, bright colors.

Alvareze was born in the city of Waterdeep. At the age of 1, he was given by his parents to the church of Mask. The thieves of the church raised and taught him the ways of the streets. He took the vows of a priest when he was 15 years old. For several years, he worked at the church and helped any thieves that required aid.

He always sought advancement within the church but was always upstaged by Wilarce, another cleric. Alvareze slew Wilarce to take care of this problem. The next night, he was exiled from the church by Wilarce's friends. Only the high priest bid him farewell. The high priest approved of what the young cleric did, believing it was Mask's will.

Alvareze traveled with a small band of cutthroats for a while, breaking into homes and trying to run a protection racket. During the Times of Troubles, he lost contact with his deity. He didn't know what was happening and believed he was abandoned by his god. It was at this time he decided to become a thief and to lead the small band of thieves called "The Silent Guards". For several months he worked with the leader of the group, Grels Swiftlane, who trained him. He learned that he was a good thief, but was much better at other things. He could convince people into doing what the band wanted. Because of this skill, they made him Chief Negotiator. After the Time of Troubles he regained his clerical powers, but liked being a thief.

By using his ring, he always obtained the band's necessities. He also always made the merchants feel as if they won the negotiations. Because of this, he became known as 'Merchant's Friend'. When the other thief bands saw what was happening, they betrayed him and the rest of the band. The Waterdeep patrol showed no mercy to the thieves. Alvareze hid in a merchant's shop that night and later learned that all of the band were killed. He took his little bit of money and his magic items and set out for safety.

He traveled to the city of Arylon and gained employment as a clerk because he could read and write. He worked for Lawrence Luckford, the owner of Luckford's Fine Goods, a general store. One day while working in the basement, he found a small package filled with small silver balls with a winged serpent engraved on them. While examining them and pacing around the basement, he walked through a doorway and ended up on a street in a city that was very strange; the ball disappeared. The people spoke strangely and he was lost as they come. Some of the people had tails and wings. He honestly thought he had died and gone to hell. That is, until he caught a thief trying to lift his purse.

He talked to Aszum the thief, and he learned he was in the City of Doors, Sigil. He was on the planes. He spent several weeks in Sigil buying items and staying with a small thieves' guild called the "Nightcutters". He used his clerical powers to help the thieves. The Nightcutters are members of the Fated faction. Alvareze joined this faction during his time with the 'Cutters.

By trial and error, he found out that the same type of key that got him here could also get him back to Arylon, so he took some items with him and returned. That night, he killed Lawrence and used his hat to appear as the ex-owner. Over the course of a couple of months, he ran the shop and sold it to himself. He again went to Sigil. First, he took one of the silver balls to a blacksmith in Sigil-a dwarven berk by the name of Brunger Ironclaw. Brunger made a mold for the silver balls for Alvareze. Only 1 in 5 works to open the portal. Then, he purchased wines from Arcadia, furs from the Beastlands, and exotic perfumes from places unknown and took them back to Arylon to sell. It was during this time he ran into Wralaz, an alchemist who knew a bit about magic items and potions. Wralaz became his agent in Sigil and opened up a shop to buy fine wines and other merchandise for him. The shop is located on the edge of the Hive Ward.

Lately, he has been sheltering a small band of thieves in Arylon. There are about 7 1st level thieves that use the shrine as a base. They come here for protection and training from Alvareze. Because he is a member of the Fated, nothing is ever free. When things get hot, he can send them to Sigil to hide out.

He is a respected and, as far as anyone knows, a perfect citizen. He pays his taxes and has made friends in the Silver Crescents. He is thinking of becoming a member of the town council when an opening comes up.

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