Name of business: All That Sparkles

Submitted by:

Business conducted in the building: Jeweler and Gem Appraisals

Owner: Orak

Number and Types of employees: Orak

Description of business:

All That Sparkles is in the business of buying, selling, and appraising jewelry, gems and precious metals. Orak has a gift of producing high quality jewelry from some of the metals he purchases, usually gold, and silver. He maintains a small collection of jewelry for sale, usually the pieces are used as examples for commissioned works however.

The store is divided into two areas, the front is where Orak meets with customers, the back is his workshop which has a very sturdy door and high quality lock. The front area consists of a counter where he can sit with customers and discuss work they would like performed. The counter contains all of Orak's appraisal tools for the less involved task of appraising jewelry and gems for the customer's information or in trade for other forms of currency.

The cost of commissioning a work is related directly to the cost of the materials plus fifty percent for the work. The cost for appraisal work is five percent of the value of the item being appraised. The cost of currency exchange is also five percent of the amount being exchanged.


Name: Orak (Shield Dwarf, Male, Age 84, 3' 10", 145lbs, 0, Appraiser/Gem-cutter, LG)

Stats: Str: 9; Dex: 15; Con: 11; Cha: 13; Int: 14; Wis: 12
HP: 2
Wealth: 1800gp
Languages: Shield Dwarf, common


Orak is the owner of All That Glitters. He is a craftsman of the highest degree who takes pride in all of the jewelry he makes. He also exchanges currency, of various coinages to gems. Orak has long red hair and green eyes that seem to shine like Jade, especially in the presence of valuables.

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