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Name of Building: Alanna's Servant Agency

Building Submission by Kimberly Moser <>

Type of Building: Single story, stone and wood building

Business Conducted: Servant Agency

Owner: Alanna Althea (hf, 6th lvl Bard, NG)

Number and Type of Employees:

3 clerks (0-lvl human males)

Kip, Corby and Blake

Description of Building:

Alanna's Servant Agency is a single story, stone and wood building. It measures 30' by 40', with the longer side facing the street. The building is well kept, the stone freshly whitewashed and the wood consistently replaced when worn. The Servant Agency is situated in a moderately lucrative business section of Inner Ward.

The front door is ironbound oak. Two windows are to the right of the door. Both have shutters, which are tightly locked at the close of business. Business hours are from dawn to dusk. The front door opens into a 15' by 25' room containing three desks and three doors. One clerk sits behind each desk.

Each door opens into a different room. The door directly across from the main entrance opens into the records and contracts room. The records room is always locked and Alanna has the only key. This room has no windows; the door is the only exit.

The door to the right of the records room opens into Alanna's office. The office contains a large desk, two overstuffed chairs and a small table. A large mural depicts a bard playing a hand harp and fending off a flock of harpies as his companions draw steel and prepare spells.

The third door opens into a storeroom with clothes, uniforms and supplies of all types. Alanna keeps these items for the use of her for-hire servants, at a nominal fee.

Description of Business:

Alanna's Servant Agency offers butlers, maids, cooks, laborers, gardeners, valets and most other sorts of servants for hire, on a temporary or permanent basis. Alanna runs a legitimate business and is very well regarded by merchants and the wealthy. Alanna is always discreet and screens those who seek employment. She doesn't think of her for-hire clientele as mere servants, but rather as individuals, and holds them to high standards.

Alanna is fair with the clients she sponsors. She gets them a fair wage and always follows up on the position. Alanna is still a businesswoman and charges a 15% location/placement fee. All tips and extra gratuities are the servant's to keep. If a prospective employer attempts to cheat her or her clients, Alanna gets even. In addition to running the Servant Agency, she is also a bard of no small skill. She has had to deal with one unscrupulous businessman in this fashion, by rumor, songs, gossip, and disclosing unpleasantries she had researched about the black-hearted fool; she ended up ruining him.

Kip is in charge of screening the general laborers. He also has a knack for fitting the right person to the right position. Kip is second in charge of the Agency.

Corby screens personal servants: maids, butlers, valets and the like. Corby is very discreet and honest. He handles wealthy employers in an extremely diplomatic fashion. He often receives invitations to attend galas and feasts, which he usually accepts. He sees it as job security, plus he has dreams of falling in love with a rich lass.

Blake is the resident expert on skilled labor. Blake is judgmental and forward. He can spot a fraud a mile away and is great at screening for skilled positions. Blake is also honest and forthright. He always screens the prospective employer as well as employee. He sees himself as in a very sensitive position, and he is; Blake has access to a number of secrets and is one of Alanna's most trusted friends.

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