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Recent Activity

February 6, 2012 - After a long hiatus from adding new material, I've recently been working on putting up info on Melvaunt and the Moonsea for my gaming group. There's very little here that's original, but some might be interested in reading the game summaries. We started with the adventure Sons of Gruumsh to which I added some bits from Mysteries of the Moonsea. I'm now trying to develop the plot and keep it going until our regular DM can take back over and let me go back to playing.

January 20, 2009 - Updated the Daggerdale Timeline to include information gleaned from the Ed Greenwood's replies on the Candlekeep website. Also used the information to create a family tree for Randal Morn's family.

January 15, 2009 - I have added a description of Castle Daggerdale to the Daggerdale Project, complete with maps in both CC2 and JPG format. The castle has no official description in Realms canon, but I have tried to incorporate what little information there is into the description. Hope you find it useful.

January 13, 2009 - The maps of Skullport have been updated to correct some errors, and to improve their look. I have also added a new page to provide details about the two businesses shown on the maps and the NPCs who run them. Enjoy!

December 22, 2008. I have finished working on the links. I ended up switching the site over to php in order to make it easier to alter the look of the site. There are about 168 pages in the Arylon folder alone, and having to edit all of them to correct one small problem with a link in the menu is total heartache. Now I only have to edit one page. If you got here through the old html pages, I apologize for the extra click, but Geocities doesn't enable 301 redirects and the search engines don't like the meta refresh.

In addition to that, I updated the look of the Into the Shadows section. I think it looks pretty spiffy now. My nephew and I are talking about picking the story up again, and may do that after the holidays.

Last, but not least, I added some new content to the Daggerdale Project. I've written a synopsis and a review for the Sword of the Dales Trilogy. Enjoy!

December 15, 2008. I've been doing a good bit of work on the site, changing the banners and the main menu to some of the out of the way areas in order to make it easier to navigate. As a consequence I've broken some of the links, and I'm in the process of fixing them. I think they are all fixed except those in the Arylon Project. If you find any elsewhere, please let me know. The Arylon links should be fixed within a couple of days. Navigation within the Arylon Project works, but the links back to the other areas of the site are broken.

December 8, 2008. Reorganized the map page and added a few new maps.

December 6, 2008. For about five years now I have been working sporadically on a customized write up of the village of Longsaddle. I am finally reasonably satisfied with what I have produced, and I have uploaded it to the website (click on the Longsaddle button in the menu to the left). It is a long document, and was so long in the writing that it's possible that I ended up with some logistical contradictions on the page. As always, if you encounter any broken links, typographical errors, or other mistakes, please let me know. I can be contacted at admin@wandering-dwarf.com. I would also like to know if you have material or suggestions that would improve the content or look of the site. Thank you, and enjoy.

About the Site:

There are seven main areas to the site:

  1. At the Map Source you can find some of the CC2 maps that I've created. View JPG samples like the one to the right (click on the picture for the large version) and download the FCW versions. (Download the FCW version of the Shadowdale map here.)
  2. The Daggerdale Project is a page devoted to compiling information about the Daggerdale area in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The purpose of the project is to provide DMs with a centralized location for gathering material for their Daggerdale Campaign.
  3. If, like myself, you found the official write up of Longsaddle a tad silly and ludicrously overpowered for a backwater village, then this is the spot for you. I have created a custom version of Longsaddle that excises the incredible shrinking livestock and the backwards flowing stream. The demographics of the village are consistent with 3rd edition rules. The Harpells are still there, but their legendary status has been gently reduced. The village is fleshed out enough to serve as an ideal starting location for adventures in the North. There is a general store, smithy, inn, temple, and various other buildings vital to the erstwhile adventuring party. Important NPCs have stat blocks and descriptions that give them a bit of depth. Enjoy!
  4. Back in the late-nineties, the Arylon City Project produced a huge amount of material for a fan-created Forgotten Realms city located in the Fields of the Dead. The project leaders accepted submissions from FR fans, and guided them through an editing process that eventually turned out more than 160 NPCs, businesses, temples, and other organizations. Originally hosted by Craig Sefton on the Best of the Forgotten Realms Mailing List website, the material was orphaned when that site was taken down. After discussing it with some of the former project members, I decided to host the material here so that it wouldn't be lost to posterity. It took blood, sweat, and tears to produce all those publishable submissions, and the writers and editors deserve to have them read. Although the material was created for second edition, the stat blocks are the most negligible part of the writing, so I highly recommend checking it out.
  5. Originally compiled by Andrew Hackard, and later maintained by Tom Cullens, the FR Errata Project was a listing of misprints and miscues in some of your favorite second-edition Forgotten Realms products. The project does not appear to be active anymore, but a good deal of errata was collected before it ended. If you think you've found an error in one of your old FR products, you can check here to verify it.
  6. A recent addition to the site, Into the Shadows is a story/adventure, that I was working on with one of my nephews a few years back. I ran it for him via IM, and then typed up our exchanges in story form. It is unfinished, but you might find it interesting nonetheless.
  7. The Links page directs you to some of my favorite web sites.
  8. The Introduction Page is where you can learn a little about me personally, and it also contains information about the projects with which I've been involved.

Check back often for updates, and enjoy your visit. Before you go, though, take a moment to sign the Guestbook, and tell me what you think of the site. You can view the guestbook here.

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